Minecraft Add-on: Introducing of “DestroyThemAll” add-on that destroys blocks of the same type in a chain reaction

I’ve created an add-on called “DestroyThemAll” that allows you to destroy all blocks at once for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I think this add-on will help you to collect blocks efficiently.

I hope that this add-on will help you enjoy collecting blocks.

Update History

  • 2021/09/07 Added explanation of world settings.
VersionRelease DateDetails of change
v1.0.02021/09/06first edition

Introduction video


“DestroyThemAll” is an add-on that allows you to destroy all blocks at once in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. By destroying the target block, you can destroy adjacent identical blocks together.

How to use DestroyThemAll

The DestroyThemAll add-on is triggered by holding an orb called the Orb of Destruction in your off-hand. By destroying one block at a time with the Orb of Destruction in your off-hand, adjacent blocks will be destroyed one after another.

The details of how to use it are as follows.

World settings and add-on activation

Set the world as shown in the table below and activate the add-on.

Game Settings(Default) Game ModeSurvival
Holiday Creator FeaturesON
Additional Modding CapabilitiesON
Activate CheatsON
Add-Ons > Behavior PacksDestroyThemAll [BP]Activate
List of settings

Crafting the Orb of Destruction

There are two types of Orbs of Destruction: Orb of Destruction Lv. 1 and Orb of Destruction Lv. 2, which differ in their scope of destruction. The crafting recipe and range of effect for each are as follows. Note that the pickaxe in the center can be any pickaxe.

Name of itemRecipeRange of effect
Orb of destruction Lv.1recipe: Orb of destruction Lv.1~-8 <= x, z <= ~8
~0 <= y <= ~5
Orb of destruction Lv.2
recipe: Orb of destruction Lv.2 ~-8 <= x, z <= ~8
~-32 <= y <= ~32

Destroy the blocks

Destroy a block while holding the “Orb of Destruction Lv.1” or “Orb of Destruction Lv.2” in your off hand. When destroying a block, you can hold any item in your main hand that can itemize the block you are trying to destroy. (For example, when destroying iron ore, you cannot itemize iron ore with your bare hands, so the add-on will not activate.

Also, if you destroy a block while it is sneaking, the destroyed block will not become an item. This will prevent your inventory from filling up with unwanted blocks. Don’t make the mistake of digging for diamond ore while sneaking, it’s a waste of time.

In addition, the following items will not trigger add-ons even if they are equipped on your main hand. This is to accommodate situations where you do not want to trigger add-ons when collecting items.

* Wooden Axe
* Stone Axe
* Wooden Pickaxe
* Stone Pickaxe
* Wooden Shovel
* Stone Shovel
exclude items

Other Specifications

  • Stone, diorite, granite, and andesite are all considered to be the same block and will be destroyed if they are adjacent to each other.
  • Blocks that require Silk Touch to itemize (Glowstone, Glass, etc.) will be destroyed even if the item in your main hand is enchanted with the Silk Touch effect.
  • If logs and leaves are adjacent to each other, they will be destroyed together.
  • Not available outside of survival mode.
  • Only available when Minecraft for Windows 10 is the host
    • If you want to use the DestroyThemAll add-on on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, etc., you will need to join a Minecraft for Windows 10 world with the DestroyThemAll add-on applied in cross-play.
      • This is because the add-on uses the Scripting API internally, and currently only the Minecraft for Windows 10 supports the Scripting API.
      • I really hope that in the future the Scripting API will be able to work on platforms other than Minecraft for Windows 10. I think that would encourage more add-on creators and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.


The calculation shows that you can destroy up to 17*17*65 = 18,785 blocks at once, but if you destroy too many blocks at once, you will have to wait a long time. You should be especially careful when using the Orb of Destruction Lv.2.




The add-on can only be downloaded by subscribing to the YouTube channel “Hatch & Potchie Channel,” in which Potchie, the administrator of this blog, participates. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so from the link below. (Sorry, if I don’t get more subscribers, I won’t be able to continue developing add-ons…)


You can download the add-on by waiting for six seconds at the screen that appears after clicking the download link below, and then selecting the “Skip” button that appears in the upper right corner.


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